The Hartford Cyber Insurance

Technology can open up companies to liabilities they may never have known was possible. One innocent mistake by an employee can expose confidential personal or corporate information. In addition, determined cyber criminals can hack, steal data, collect ransoms, and leave destruction in their path resulting in potential liability and costs that can cripple a company financially. That's why it really pays to have a solid wall of defense in place with a cyber insurance policy you can rely on.

This information is provided as a guideline only and is subject to change with or without notice.


Limits of Liability Available: $500,000/$1M/$2M

Revenue Threshold: Companies With up to $10M Annual Revenue

Coverage Trigger(s): Liability Coverages are Claims Made while First Party Coverages are Incidents Discovered

Policy Period: No More/No Less Than 12 Months

Did you know...

Cross-selling increases client retention

Increased Customer Retention: Strengthen client loyalty with complementary coverage.

Higher Customer Value: Clients purchasing multiple policies increase their long-term value.

Better Risk Management: Identify coverage gaps and provide suitable policies for effective risk protection.

Increased Revenue: Generate more sales and income from existing clients.

Improved Customer Experience: Simplify the insurance process by consolidating policies in one marketplace.

Enhanced Upselling Opportunities: Increase revenue by offering higher-value coverage options to clients.

Strengthened Referral Network: Expand your customer base through referrals from satisfied clients.

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