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“We’ve always made it our goal to serve the underserved segment of the market. Serving as a conduit, we have provided our insurance family with a truly different product and delivery method from the very beginning. Today, we continue to evolve on the technology front to better serve our customers.”
~ Paul Hohlbein, President of BTIS

“At the heart of BTIS is our commitment to our retail broker family and carriers. From the very beginning, we continue to practice what we truly believe in, and that is that customer service is an attitude, not a department.”
~ Jeffrey Hohlbein, Co-President and General Counsel at btis

“The idea behind Builders & Tradesmen’s Insurance Services was to help brokers move more new business indications through the pipeline as quickly and efficiently as possible. This innovative process became the genesis of our 5-minute quote turnaround – something that other companies at that time couldn’t provide.”
~ Paul Hohlbein, President of btis

crafting a legacy

Founded in 1998 in Rocklin, California, Builders & Tradesmen's Insurance Services, Inc. (BTIS) is the brainchild of Norbert Hohlbein. With the help of his sons Paul and Hank, his daughter Lisa, and his son-in-law Jeff, he built BTIS around a Small Artisan Contractor General Liability program. From the ground up this program was focused on speed and ease of use for insurance producers. An online price indication system, comparative rater, and email correspondence paired with unparalleled customer service made for the fastest and simplest way for producers to quote and bind commercial accounts.

It wasn't long before BTIS expanded to offer Contractors License Bonds, Builders Risk, Inland Marine, Commercial Auto, BOP, Excess and Workers' Compensation. Now, BTIS controls over $400M in premium and offers every producer the same small business rapport, and superior customer service.

BTIS is committed to providing quality, robust, individualized products and the highest level of service. We ensure each client feels confident and secure in selecting us as their provider, and are dedicated to the success of our customers. By offering education and sales tools, we allow producers to be a trusted source for insurance that their clients, in turn, can rely upon.

BTIS is a financially stable, nationwide wholesale intermediary with a small business attitude. We believe in building and fostering solid relationships through communication and genuine concern for our customers. Although we now offer a wide range of commercial lines, we remain focused on individual service, exceptional value, ease of use and rapid turnaround times.

innovation with
personal touch

Part of the Amynta Group, BTIS has always pushed the boundaries of technology through adopting or developing systems early in order to stay ahead of the wave. But we still have a small business attitude, and believe in building and fostering solid relationships through communication and genuine concern for our customers.

We offer a wide range of commercial lines and are focused on developing and implementing cutting-edge technology to provide individual service, exceptional value, ease of use and rapid turnaround times.


Introducing Norbie, the new ambassador of BTIS!

Norbie is a tribute to Norbert Hohlbein, the original owner of btis and father of our co-presidents, Paul and Jeff Hohlbein. Known for his boldness, sternness, and likability, Norbert is affectionately referred to as a gorilla by those who know him, and his legacy lives on through our new ambassador.

Norbie represents the values that Norbert embodies: strength, resilience, and approachability. Norbert is a man who can command a room with his presence but also has a warm and approachable demeanor that makes people feel comfortable around him. He's been a mentor to many, and his influence continues to inspire our company today.


Our co-presidents decided to create Norbie as a way to honor their father and to bring his spirit into our company culture. Norbie is a representation of the values that Norbert instilled in his children and the principles that our company stands for. Norbie will serve as a powerful symbol of our commitment to excellence, integrity, and teamwork.

Norbie's design was inspired by Norbert's likeness, with a few creative flourishes added to give him a unique personality of his own. Norbie is a friendly and approachable gorilla who’s always up for a good time, with a big smile and an even bigger heart.

At BTIS, Norbie will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for our employees. His presence will remind us of the importance of embodying Norbert's values in everything we do, from our daily interactions with our colleagues to our long-term business strategies. Norbie will help us to stay true to our mission of providing exceptional service to our agents and fun to our company culture.

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25 years

Celebrating 25 Years' isn't just a milestone; it's a reflection of dedication, innovation, and partnership that's shaped BTIS. Want to hear more about what this means to us? Watch this exclusive interview with our Co-President Paul Hohlbein.

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