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paperless option

Eliminating Unnecessary Paperwork For Our Producers

  1. Go to your submission after logging in to our website at, click the submission row and select the "Binding Documents" option from the context menu. Financing is not available in Arkansas.
  2. On the Binding Documents page, enter the Broker Fee you wish to include as part of the down payment.
  3. Select the Premium Finance - Best Choice Premium Finance option.
  4. Follow the instructions on screen to accept the financing, including checking the acceptance box and Save at the bottom of the page. For risks located in a state where you can sign on behalf of the Insured, once you click Save, you're done. For those risks located in a state where you cannot sign on behalf of the insured, once you click Save, an email will automatically be sent to your customer requiring their acceptance as well. Until they accept the financing, the finance contract will not be created. You do not need to email a signed agreement in for acceptance using this paperless option.

print & email option

Option to Print and Email the Finance Agreement
You always have the option to view and print the finance agreement for signature as well. If you choose this instead, the Producer and Insured must both sign and date the finance agreement at the bottom. The Producer may sign on behalf of the Insured in sign on behalf of states (such as CA). You then are responsible for emailing the signed agreement directly to the finance company (Best Choice Premium Finance), if you choose this option:

Email: or

Please be sure to collect the down payment amount shown on the agreement from your Insured, retain your commission and forward the remainder of the down payment (net down payment) to:

Builders and Tradesmen's Insurance Services, Inc.
PO Box 745929
Los Angeles, CA 90074-5929

Please note: It is the Producer's responsibility to make sure the financing contract has been arranged directly with Best Choice Premium Finance. BTIS is not the finance company.

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Best Choice Premium Finance Contact Information

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