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BTIS Announces Strategic Acquisition of BIS Renewal Rights, Bolstering Commitment to Small Businesses


Rocklin, CA – December 1, 2023 – Builders & Tradesmen’s Insurance Services (BTIS), part of the Amynta Group and a champion for small businesses, today announced a strategic expansion through the acquisition of renewal rights from Builders Insurance Services (BIS). This step reflects BTIS's sustained commitment to empowering small businesses with comprehensive insurance solutions.

"Acquiring the renewal rights of BIS marks another significant milestone in our journey."

– Paul Hohlbein, Co-President of BTIS

For 25 years, BTIS has stood as a pillar of integrity, reliability, and customer-centricity, growing into a trusted partner within the insurance industry. The acquisition of BIS’s renewal rights aligns with BTIS’s core values and vision, signaling continued growth and a bolstered dedication to the needs of its clientele.

"Acquiring the renewal rights of BIS marks another significant milestone in our journey," said Paul Hohlbein, Co-President of BTIS. "This move is in perfect harmony with our ongoing efforts to provide exceptional service and comprehensive insurance offerings to the small business community."

The acquisition serves to enhance BTIS’s suite of end-to-end insurance products, reinforcing the company's position as a trusted insurance intermediary that prides itself on a small business attitude and a focus on fostering solid relationships.

As BTIS integrates these renewal rights, the company remains steadfast in its mission to offer insurance solutions that are as dynamic and resilient as the small businesses it serves.

Builders & Tradesmen’s Insurance Services Inc.

BTIS is committed to providing robust, individualized products and the highest level of service. Our easy-to-use commercial insurance platform, educational tools, and helpful underwriters make it simple for producers to diversify their books of business by expanding their product portfolios.

Part of the Amynta Group, BTIS is a nationwide insurance intermediary with a small-business attitude. We believe in building solid relationships through communication and a genuine concern for the success of our retail broker clients and the policyholders they serve.

For additional information, visit www.btisinc.com or call (877) 649-6682

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