payment schedule

Payment Schedule for Digital Advantage Subscription

Initial Subscription 
$99 grants you access to the BTIS Marketplace, where you can conveniently quote and bind policies online. This initial subscription opens the door to a robust digital experience, streamlining your insurance transactions.

Ongoing Monthly Subscription
Continue to leverage the full power of the BTIS Marketplace with a monthly subscription of just $10. This subscription sustains your access to our dynamic online tools and the latest enhancements, ensuring a seamless quoting and binding process.

Billing Overview

  • Initial Access: The first step to unlocking BTIS Marketplace is a $99 initial subscription.
  • Monthly Subscription: To maintain uninterrupted access, a recurring $10 will be billed starting the month after your initial subscription.

For complete billing details, payment options, or to address any inquiries about your subscription, please contact us.

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