Excess Liability Insurance

An extra layer of protection against potential catastrophic losses


A business that experiences a significant liability claim can easily exceed the limits of their primary general liability policy. How can your construction and other commercial business clients protect against catastrophic losses that could result in serious financial harm?

An excess liability insurance policy can help commercial businesses survive a significant liability claim by increasing the limits of insurance over the primary policy’s limits. At BTIS, we have market access to carriers that offer excess insurance specifically for the construction industry, providing coverage for:

General & Artisan Contractors

Project Owners

Project Developers

Owners Contractors Protective

For non-construction risks, key target classes include but aren’t limited to:

Hotels & Restaurants

Lessors Risk

Retail Businesses

Parking Garages

Equipment Rental

Machine Shops

Real Estate Management

Apartment Complexes


Nurseries & Garden Supply


Excess Liability Insurance Markets

At BTIS, our markets offer best-in-class underwriting, claims management, service, and significant capacity to provide your construction and non-construction commercial business clients with excess liability insurance solutions based on their individual needs – along with a simple, one-page online application process.

Questions and answers regarding BTIS excess liability insurance markets

If I place an excess policy for a client through BTIS, will it be automatically renewed?

Our excess program does not automatically renew. However, we’ve made getting a price indication for renewals easy. Simply complete an online application, including the expiring policy number, and submit it to our excess service team. That’s it!

Can BTIS provide my commercial clients with financing for excess liability insurance?

Yes, we can! However, accounts are subject to a minimum premium per every million of coverage. Please contact us to learn more about financing options.

Does BTIS have a market that can offer a short-term excess policy?

We have carriers who will write one-year or longer excess policies. For qualifying accounts and in some circumstances, short-term policies can be considered, however they must be written for a minimum of 90-days.

No business expects to experience a large loss – especially one that could put them out of business. BTIS can help you secure the excess liability insurance your commercial clients need to be financially protected in the event of a catastrophic loss.

For additional information, visit www.btisinc.com or call (877) 649-6682

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